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They are professionals.

Every therapist on The Help Talk are qualified counselors and psychologists, delivering professional level of care.

It’s affordable.

One of the most affordable therapy rates that you can find in Malaysia. Pay a flat rate for unlimited contact to your therapist.

It’s private and convenient.

Help is available at the privacy of your own space. You will be able to connect with your therapist at a click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

How It Works?

How It Works?

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You’ll be matched to your personal therapist, with unlimited messaging to this professional anytime, anywhere.

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Your therapist will attentively respond to you once to twice per day.

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Hassle-free, private, and regular therapy continues until you have decided you have achieved your goals.

Unlimited Therapy Plan

Sign up now, and message your personal qualified therapist anytime, anywhere. Start your journey towards happiness today at only RM48/week. 100% money back guarantee.

Know Your Therapists

Know Your Therapists

"I have worked clinically with a variety of populations, which include children, at-risk adolescents, university students, hospital patients, refugees, working professionals, and expatriates. Clients oftentimes come to me with overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, and anger. Building skills in managing the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to these emotions have helped them tremendously, and I'm passionate in facilitating them through that process."

Alvin Tan Kuan Sean, M. Clin. Psy.

Director/ Clinical Psychologist, Serene Psychological Services

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