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Frequently Asked Questions

The Help Talk is an online counseling platform for licensed/ registered therapists (such as counselors and clinical psychologists) to provide therapy services to clients in a convenient, affordable, and confidential manner. Professional counseling services are provided anytime and anywhere through this app.
The therapists who are using this platform are licensed/ registered mental health professionals who are in private practice, public or private hospitals, academia, and so on. They possess a minimum of a Master’s degree in Counseling or Clinical Psychology and a registered to the relevant professional bodies that oversee their practice.

The services provided on this platform may be suitable in addressing a variety of life challenges. The therapists who are on The Help Talk have the relevant experience and regularly consult clients presenting with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship/ family conflicts, loneliness, low self-esteem, trauma, anger, grief, and so on.

The Help Talk is not suitable for you if:

- You have thoughts about harming yourself or others around you (please refer to our resources).

- You are under the legal age of consent (below the age of 18).

- You are in an emergency situation or in crisis (please refer to our resources).

- You are advised or are currently under psychiatric care, or have been diagnosed with a severe mental disorder.

- You are mandated by the relevant authorities to attend counseling or psychotherapy.

It is a required agreement prior to being on this online platform that you do not fulfill any of these criteria. If you do, do not use this platform and seek help at a mental health provider closest to you (please see our resources).

The therapists who are on this platform are fully credentialed to provide mental health services to the clients whom they consult. While services provided through this platform or offline may share similarities and may provide similar outcomes, this platform would not be able to replace traditional face-to-face therapy.

Your mental health service provider would not be able to provide a diagnosis, to fulfill requirements from the authorities (i.e. court order), or to provide a prescription.

There are many studies that have shown the effectiveness in using an online platform to deliver therapy services. Please refer to examples of studies here.
Similar to face-to-face therapy, the duration to which you use this platform depends on the nature of your concern, and is completely up to you. While some clients may begin to feel better and decide to stop using the app a few weeks later, others may choose to continue for a longer period of time.
Usually instantly, and not more than 24 hours.

While the usual cost of face-to-face therapy in private practice is about RM200 and above per session (1 hour), the cost for using this online platform would be at only RM192 per month for unlimited messaging to your personal therapist. By using The Help Talk, the amount charged will be the same regardless of the amount of messages and communication that you have with your therapist.You will be charged via your credit card on a monthly recurring basis for the services that you receive through this platform.

Once you believe that you are satisfied and no longer require the services provided through The Help Talk, you can easily cancel the subscription in the “settings” page. You will still be able to utilize the services here upon cancellation, up to the date your subscription ends.

We also have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee practice to all our clients, because we believe you deserve quality help and guidance. Get matched to a qualified mental health professional risk-free.

You can access your subscription settings in the “settings” menu. You will still be able to utilize the services on this platform upon cancellation, up to the date your subscription ends.

The Help Talk is an online platform that connects both mental health professionals and clients. We aim to provide a seamless experience that is affordable, convenient, and confidential for clients to receive services from a mental health professional.

The mental health professionals on this platform are not employees of The Help Talk, and we do not professionally oversee them. We rigorously screen each mental health professional to ensure that they possess the qualifications, experience, and registration/licensing that is required for them to practice before being on this platform. They are bound by their respective professions’ code of ethics, legislation, and professional body.

Mental health professionals are required to practice strict confidentiality ethics. As an online platform, you are also provided the option of not including your full name or contact information.

If you are at risk of harm to yourself or others around you, or if you are in an emergency situation, the services provided through this platform is not suitable for you, and the therapist has the right to deny you this service in favor of you seeking help at a mental health provider closest to you (please refer to our resources). This is a required agreement by every client on The Help Talk before starting the use of this platform.

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