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Success Stories

"Shin Yeoh is the best therapist! She was good. She was very patience with me.


"She's very patient and she looks into every word I write in sentences & I write very long sentences. She understands what I'm going through and tries to understand more by asking me questions."


"The therapist is able to understand and response to the case. He is knowledgeable and helpful and assist to provide the contacts of some Doctors in case I need further help. Thank you."


"Ms Joann has been invaluable in helping me sort out some very deep seated issues that have bothered me for many years. She is kind, patient and understanding. Very happy with how it is conducted."


"Fast in response and I am able to identify issues quickly and to look at resolving it"


"Shermayne is just amazing! Very attentive to my feelings and I just felt like she understands me without me explaining much."


"I think my therapist helped me to see my issues more clearly."


"Very understanding and helpful in giving practical advice."


"Very patient, she was able to give a full understanding about myself. Thank you Ms. Athena!"


"She's very perceptive and approachable. We're still discussing important stuff but it's going well."


"This is my first time using a therapist. It has helped me a lot."


"Ms Shermayne has been very helpful and a great listener. She has been a great company and helpful with most of my problems."


"Yeoh has been really helpfully, greatly appreciate her efforts."


"Really helpfull and understanding, i recomended a lot"


"Thanks for giving me a point of view from a third person. Glad I decided to give this site a try. My working mood is back. kudos to JT"


"Ms Athena approach is very good and she guided me through my issues patiently. Her advice is really relevant to me, I feel 80% of my burden goes away after i let go of how i feel, without being judged. While typing out my problem, i was thinking about my issue one by way, and it helps me sort my mind and understand my issues"


"I finally feel as if someone is there to help me without having biased views."


"My therapist make sure that my problem statement and objective are very clear and talking to her makes me feel the weight on me much lighter, in a way I don’t feel lonely. Thank you Phei Wei, I couldn’t ask for more from you."


"Grace given me another way of looking into my life, emotion and how to handle it. Thank you for putting a lot of thoughts and efforts for me."


"My therapist is wonderful. I have improved tremendously for the past three months. It takes time but patience and trust can do wonders! She has been very supportive and encouraging. I can't do it alone. After opening up, she has helped me a lot!"


"Miss Athena is very attentive and pleasant to talk to. She is very patient and kind towards my condition! Thank you for dealing with me."


"I have been feeling better after talking to Dr. Joel"


"My therapist was good in her job. The service was good and keep it up helping. Thank you."


"I am feeling a better person now. Thanks for having this awesome platform!"


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